Q&A with Multi-Brand Fitness Franchisee Andrew Breton
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Q&A with Multi-Brand Fitness Franchisee Andrew Breton

Q&A with Multi-Brand Fitness Franchisee Andrew Breton

Name: Andrew Breton 

Title: Owner and CEO, Core Ventures

Brands: Anytime Fitness, StretchLab, Mastermind Gym Solutions

Units: 23

Years in franchising: 15

Why did you choose to franchise with a service brand?

I started my career in 2001 and immediately developed a deep passion for the business. What drew me to franchising with a service brand, particularly in the fitness and recovery sector, was the seamless blend it offered between my love for fitness and my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

I believe the service industry presents a more straightforward operational model compared with others. It typically involves minimal inventory and logistics and does not require any manufacturing processes. This simplicity allows me to focus more on delivering quality service and less on managing complex supply chains. Additionally, the direct interaction with clients in a service-based franchise provides a unique opportunity to affect their lives positively, which is incredibly rewarding.

How did you choose the sector and brand you did?

My journey into the sector began during my time at big box gyms, where I noticed a significant gap. Many people had gym memberships but didn’t effectively use them to transform their lives. Starting as a personal trainer, I quickly realized that there was a missing relational component in the traditional gym model. This observation sparked my interest in exploring different fitness franchises that could better address this gap.

I chose Anytime Fitness because it targeted a segment of the population that was underserved: those who weren’t fitness enthusiasts, but who recognized the need to improve their health. At the time, Anytime Fitness was not heavily focused on personal training, which presented an exciting opportunity. The franchise offered significant flexibility, allowing me to experiment and expand the training services. This flexibility was key in my decision, as it aligned perfectly with my vision of integrating more personalized training approaches to truly improve members’ lives.

What different skill sets are required for service brand franchising?

Working in any business typically involves interaction with the public, but I believe that people skills are absolutely crucial in the service industry. Unlike tangible products with clear, demonstrable features, our service is the product. We don’t have hard edges that can be easily explained through a demonstration or user interaction. Instead, we must embody and demonstrate the value of our service through our actions and interactions with the customer.

I can assure you that engaging with our services will lead to better health, increased energy, and potentially even enhanced parenting skills. However, these benefits are realized through the experiential aspects of our service. It’s not just about what we promise, it’s about delivering on those promises and providing tangible results. This requires a deep understanding of client needs, exceptional communication skills, and a commitment to continuous improvement in how our services are delivered. These skills are essential to ensure that every client interaction is meaningful and effective.

What are the advantages to choosing a service brand?

Choosing a service brand offers key advantages. Typically, these include lower capital requirements and minimal inventory, which can lead to higher profit margins. Additionally, service brands provide a uniquely rewarding experience if you enjoy direct interactions with people. You get to see the direct impact of your work on clients’ lives, offering both personal fulfillment and the opportunity to build meaningful relationships.

How does having a service brand complement your other brands?

Both of my franchised brands, Anytime Fitness and StretchLab, are in the service sector and complement each other tremendously. They naturally attract customers who value their health and are eager to improve it. This similarity in customer base makes it seamless to cross-pollinate leads and members between the two services, enhancing customer retention and satisfaction.

Additionally, both brands share identical infrastructure, which simplifies management and operations. This similarity significantly enhances the scalability of the business, as processes and systems can be replicated easily across both brands, reducing overhead and increasing efficiency.

What would you recommend to anyone considering a service brand?

Before committing to a service brand, I highly recommend trying the service yourself. Ask yourself: Does it make sense? Do you see a clear benefit? If you aren’t convinced of its value, it’s wise to consider other options. In service industries, a significant part of your role involves selling—not just to customers, but also to your team members. You need to consistently communicate and reinforce the benefits of the service. If your team isn’t fully bought in, achieving sales and delivering exceptional service will be challenging. Enthusiasm and belief in the service are crucial for success.

Published: May 28th, 2024

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