The Importance of Written Content in Marketing
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The Importance of Written Content in Marketing

The Importance of Written Content in Marketing

With so many different ways in which companies can market themselves to their target audiences, traditional written content may be overlooked in favor of newer, more popular methods such as visual content or social media. However, written content can still provide a value resource in today's multi-faceted marketing strategy.

Marketing Insider Group recently wrote about the benefits of written content in marketing and how it serves as a foundation for other forms of content. Here are some of the primary advantages of using written content in marketing.

Builds brand visibility – Good content can attract the attention of the audience and educate them about your brand. This content can help raise brand awareness and name recognition. Producing written content also creates opportunities to be included in traditional media outlets, whether it is through press release content or being featured as a guest author.

Increase brand reputation – Producing content is a way of enhancing the profile of an organization and positioning executives as thought leaders. You have the unique opportunity to shape the narrative of your message and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Written content can be repurposed and used in other areas such as e-mail marketing or through social media to amplify your brand message.

Generates traffic – Content is an important part of SEO, which brings in more organic traffic to your website and increases your site rankings. Including specific keywords and phrases into the content can increase the relevance of your site and attract more outside traffic. You can also build links as a way to generate referral traffic from other sites. Good content can be shared on other sites or through social media, further expanding its reach.

Accessibility – Although it may take time to develop consistent, quality content, the amount of information that can be produced should always be available. A good business should be able to supply an ample amount of information about their products or services.

Affordability – Producing content is much less expensive than advertising and costly marketing options. For businesses looking to save money and maximize their return on investment, written content production is an appealing option.

As the format for written content has evolved over recent years, Marketing Insider Group provided these recommendations for producing content.

Narrow your scope – Differentiate your brand and isn't message by making it unique and specific. This will help separating your message from the competition.

Quality over quantity – This long-term rule of thumb is even more important now as AI is capable of generating a high volume of content, but without the expert knowledge. Use the expertise in your field to produce content that is unique and high in quality.

Be purposeful – Every piece of content should have a strategic purpose, such as determining the audience, how will it help them, and how it will ultimately benefit you.

Follow the data – Find objective data on the performance of your content and use that strategy moving forward. Use the types of content that are most successful and learn from techniques that aren't as effective.  

Although the number of options businesses have to market themselves are more diverse and robust than years ago, having strong written content should not be underestimated. When used successfully with other marketing strategies, content can be a very effective way to increase visibility and awareness for your brand.

The full article from the Marketing Insider Group can be found here.

Published: June 10th, 2024

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