Adding to its 33 Percent Market Share, E-Source Business Coaching Units Rise by 27 Percent in 2008
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Adding to its 33 Percent Market Share, E-Source Business Coaching Units Rise by 27 Percent in 2008

February 09, 2009 // // Southbury, CT – Bringing more franchise expertise to the small business struggling in this challenging economy, The Entrepreneur's Source awarded 27 percent more Business Coaching units in North America in 2008 compared to 2007. This increase of E-Source Business Coaching units strongly parallels the growth trend in the business coaching/services sector and highlights the career and investment opportunities business coaching as a career can offer.

"E-Source, and our other business coaching brands, are in demand and offer great investments and careers for the aspiring entrepreneur and for multi-unit investors," says Terry Powell, CEO of FSBI. "The 27 percent growth of TES business coaching units compliments our aggressive five-year financial plan of being a $750 million company taking advantage of the multi-unit trends and surge in the business services sector," he added.

TES, with their E-Source Franchise Business Coaches, is North America's leading career and franchise business coaching company with more than 230 offices in the United States and Canada. TES, along with its sister company, AdviCoach, dominates the franchised business coaching/consulting market with a 33% market share.

The new coaches join the hundreds of other E-Source Coaches in North America who help aspiring franchise business owners and existing franchisee/franchisors manage the challenges of growing a business to peak performance.

"Both aspiring entrepreneurs and current franchise business owners can now capitalize on the bundling of business expertise offered through E-Source Coaches in more places in the country," says Terry Powell. "The strong interest in our brand is a reflection on the career opportunity the business coaching profession brings to individuals seeking income, lifestyle, wealth and equity," he added.

One competitive edge E-Source Franchise Business Coaches bring to their clients is an educational program designed to show prospective and current franchisees how to maximize their franchise model and apply proven business systems used by successful business owners for the past 30 years. AIM™ for Success and Franchise Accelerated Success Training (FAST)™ were jointly developed and adapted from E-Myth World Wide's® award-winning distance learning programs and E-Source's exclusive Franchise Business Coaching success methodology.

In today's New Career Economy®, individuals job security and financial freedom is being threatened. The traditional job market no longer offers the security individuals and families need to live well. Taking control of their lives through becoming self-sufficient is now the new way to reach the American dream of living with long-term financial freedom.

The good news is that many people, especially the corporately-trained individual, possess many transferable skills that will allow them to succeed as entrepreneurs. The jointly-developed programs of E-Myth Worldwide and TES are designed to develop the managerial and entrepreneurial skills necessary to grow a successful business.

About The Entrepreneur's Source (E-Source)

The Entrepreneur's Source is North America's leading career and Business Coaching Company dedicated to the entrepreneur with more than 220 offices in the United States and Canada. With its unique E-Source Coach Advantage, E-Source offers a full range of services to individuals seeking alternate career options and to franchise businesses looking to increase performance. Today, E-Source dominates the $1.5 billion Business Coaching/Consulting franchise market in North America.


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