Pet Evolution Franchise Provides Funds to Safely Transport Rescue Dog from China
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Pet Evolution Franchise Provides Funds to Safely Transport Rescue Dog from China

Health-focused dog food & supply franchise embodies its mission of prioritizing the wellbeing of pets

March 23, 2022 // // WOODBURY, MN. - Pet Evolution, a locally owned, healthy pet supply franchise dedicated to providing the highest quality products, recently provided the travel funds to help a stray Labrador retriever from China find its forever home in the U.S. The emerging brand, whose mission is to improve the lives of pets in their communities, has gone above and beyond by prioritizing the well-being of pets across the world.

After learning about the Labrador retriever in need through China Rescue Dogs, a non-profit with the mission of rescuing and rehabilitating dogs from the meat trade in China, the Pet Evolution team took action. Without hesitation, the brand provided the funds to ensure that the dog would make it to the U.S. safely.

“Helping pets live happy and healthy lives is the basis of what we do,” said Rian Thiele, CEO and co-founder of Pet Evolution. “The moment we saw a picture of the dog that needed our help, we were all in. China Rescue Dogs shares our vision of prioritizing dogs’ health and happiness. Our team is so thankful that we were able to provide the funds needed to save the dog and help them live the life that all dogs deserve!”

China Rescue Dogs relies on adopters to assist in providing the funds for dogs’ safe travels from China to North America. Earlier this year, the organization was faced with a dilemma when the adopter of a Labrador Retriever backed out two days before the flight was scheduled to take off. Sam Scaman, a China Rescue Dogs volunteer and video freelancer who has worked on many projects for Pet Evolution, turned to his longtime friends at the brand for help.

“When the adopter backed out, we quickly had to make a choice; take the Labrador Retriever off the plane or find an Angel Sponsor to cover the cost for her expensive plane ride from China”, said Jill Stewart, President & Founder of China Rescue Dogs. “We reached out to our good friends at Pet Evolution, and they didn’t hesitate to step up and help pay for Xiao La’s flight. We are so grateful to their entire team for supporting us.”

The dog was housed by a foster family upon its arrival in North America, and within days the foster family became the dog’s forever home. Without the help of Pet Evolution, the dog would have been subjected to the appalling conditions seen in the Chinese meat trade which various forms of cruelty that lead to inhumane deaths.

“We couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this story and help this Lab on their journey to their forever home,” said Peter Carlson, President of Pet Evolution Franchising, LLC. “Dogs are at the heart of what we do. We will continue to find ways to support pets and bring as much joy to them as they do to us.”

Pet Evolution was founded in 2012 by friends Rian Thiele and Mike Osborn, after both having watched their childhood dogs suffer through the itchy paws, chronic ear infections, and multiple vet trips of undiagnosed food allergies. The brand began franchising after Peter Carlson, President of Pet Evolution Franchising, LLC, fell in love with the brand, and he remains a loyal customer to this day. Before joining the team, Peter turned to Pet Evolution as his Standard Poodle, Leo, struggled with digestive and allergy issues, following countless tries with other products with no results. After switching to products endorsed by their team, Peter immediately saw positive results that led to his dog living a happier life.

“We are so thankful for Pet Evolution’s generous donation to help rescue the Labrador retriever from China,” said Scaman. “The dog wouldn’t have had the chance to know what it means to have a happy and fulfilling life if it wasn’t for Pet Evolution.”

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