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Romania Feature Articles

Informative articles to support business buyers, franchisees, and franchisors in Romania.

As the global economy begins to bounce back from Covid, so do overseas deals for franchise brands
  • Eddy Goldberg
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Time is running out to attend the 2nd annual European Master & Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Vienna Jan. 28-29
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 3,154 Reads 6 Shares
The 2nd annual European Master & Multi-Unit Franchising Conference is heading to Vienna this Jan. 28–29
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 2,890 Reads 20 Shares
The basics of international franchising, with a focus on Europe, part 2.
  • Peter Schwarzer
  • 3,278 Reads 44 Shares
The past decade saw an acceptance by the Romanian market of the Western concepts of doing business, a new perception of the value of brands and the creation of an entirely new market - the one for franchisers. Seven years have passed since Romania enacted a franchise law. During this period, the market has evolved, and the pioneering period in franchising during which major companies entered the market only for market testing - first performing distribution operations (Coca Cola) or establishing a subsidiary (McDonald's) and only afterwards developing their franchise concepts - has come to an end. Indeed, 60 of the 107 franchises currently operating in Romania have been established during the last two years.
  • Roxana Negutu
  • 5,118 Reads 332 Shares
Throughout its two millennia of ruthless history, the Romanian people learned to accept that their accomplishments could be destroyed at any time. As a consequence, long-term planning was useless. More recently, the adverse reaction created by the infamous communist lies called "the glorious five-year plans", along with the current chaotic on-going transition toward profit oriented business, naturally has led to a very short-term orientation in private and organizational life.
  • Carmen Aida Hutu
  • 2,263 Reads 3 Shares

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