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Perhaps the single most important part of the franchise sale is the franchise application process.
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While franchisees may start with SBA loans, many seek to graduate to conventional loans because of the advantages they offer. Learn more about how Multi-Unit Owners secure conventional financing.
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As our country begins its post-pandemic recovery, businesses are poised for growth. Traditionally a resilient industry in any economic conditions, franchises are anticipating a boom.
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As Congress launches its next financial rescue program, BoeFly’s CEO provides his thoughts on what franchisees can do to improve their odds of receiving PPP funding
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Case study: How Ryan Debin financed his growth.
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BoeFly really understands how to move a franchisee through this process to save me time. We integrated right into our sales process and it was seamless.

Robert Sharkey
Chief Financial Officer, Senior Helpers and Senior Helpers Town Square, 325+ U.S. locations, 15+

BoeFly speeds up the process for verifying your candidates and the approval process. Your entire leadership team is on the same page with one report showing all verification results of your candidate.

Devin Hughes
Director of Franchise Development, Meineke Systemwide, 800+ locations in U.S.

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