4 Ways to Grow Your Franchise with Marketing Technology
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4 Ways to Grow Your Franchise with Marketing Technology

4 Ways to Grow Your Franchise with Marketing Technology

As a franchise owner, growth is the goal. 

By providing your franchises with top-down marketing support, you can help them become established in a new market, ensure branding and messaging stays consistent, and demonstrate your investment in their success. And well-performing franchises make it easier to sell additional franchises and expand your reach.

But how do you successfully juggle strategic growth goals, drive brand awareness across targeted locations, and support your franchisees’ own growth and local awareness goals?

1. An Always-on Storefront for your brand

Your franchisees signed on with you because they believe in the brand you created and the business model you built. Help them capitalize on this brand equity by developing and distributing powerful, on-brand marketing materials, premiums, advertising, sales strategies, and more.

An online storefront enables access to all your marketing awesomeness in one spot. From easily granting access at the user level to specific content, to leveraging approval workflows for assets. You determine how your users interact with your brand – from customizing, ordering, paying and more.

2. Empower Franchisees to Run Local Campaigns

Turning your brand campaigns over to non-marketers can be hard to think about, but with tech-enabled controls, you set the campaigns and oversight parameters. And with small corporate marketing teams supporting hundreds or thousands of franchisees, you easily scale your marketing team by empowering franchisees - with little to no marketing experience - to easily login, find local campaigns, localize them (with templates guiding the way), and kickoff campaigns. 

3. Ensure Brand Consistency (and Quality) in Traditional Channels

Creating brand consistency across every channel is no small feat – and print touchpoints are no different. So how do you protect your brand from franchisees running down to their local printer? By partnering with an end-to-end vendor that provides the brand management technology and the product services. 

It simplifies vendor management, you (and your franchisees) have one point of contact with 1:1 support, while ensuring consistency in quality, and pricing, across each and every channel.

4. Support New Store Openings with Ease

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so ensure your franchisees have the marketing resources they need for opening day. Creating and adding a New Store Opening (NSO) kit to your online storefront, helps ensure a successful opening and a consistent customer experience that your brand is known for. 

With pre-set kits, your franchisees can simply login and order a kit, add any other assets (from signs, brochures, business cards to front-of-house/back-of-house operational manuals) they need to support their opening, and it’s all sent directly to their door.

Opening a new franchise location is a great accomplishment, but it's just the beginning of a long business relationship. You can keep your franchisees invested in the brand—and demonstrate the franchise's value—by regularly developing and distributing new promotions, sales materials, and campaigns. 

Partnering with an organization with a distributed brand management platform – and comprehensive printing and fulfillment capabilities - reduces complexities and simplifies your day-to-day. 

Support your multi-location brands and empower users. OneTouchPoint integrates localized marketing services and comprehensive brand management capabilities combined with our powerful production, fulfillment and distribution capabilities. Learn More

Published: May 9th, 2023

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