FYZICAL's Balance and Fall-Prevention Program: The Proprietary Treatment with Universal Impact and Industry Appeal 
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FYZICAL's Balance and Fall-Prevention Program: The Proprietary Treatment with Universal Impact and Industry Appeal 

FYZICAL's Balance and Fall-Prevention Program: The Proprietary Treatment with Universal Impact and Industry Appeal 

FYZICAL’s Balance and Fall-Prevention Program: The Proprietary Treatment with Universal Impact and Industry Appeal

In today's dynamic healthcare environment, the demand for physical therapy has never been more critical.

The pressing need for rehabilitation, chronic disease management, and pain alleviation spans all demographics, as evidenced by the robust $59.4 billion physical therapy industry, which is projected to grow to $128 billion by 2032.

The fastest-growing U.S. population in the last 100 years, individuals aged 65 and older, has been driving the urgent demand for healthcare services, prompting a need for innovative approaches to meet their healthcare needs efficiently.

Adding to this, the impending retirement of the baby boomer generation is a looming concern. By 2030, this cohort will hit "Peak 65," constituting the largest wave of Americans entering retirement age in history.

Balance issues stand out as a paramount health threat unfolding across the U.S. in every age demographic.

And the statistics are staggering.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every second of every day, an older adult falls, making fall-related injuries the leading cause of accidental death in those over the age of 65.

In 2020, falls caused over 36,000 deaths among adults aged 65 and older, translating to roughly 100 deaths per day.

It doesn't stop there.

Nearly three million older adults are treated in emergency departments for fall-related injuries annually – that's every 11 seconds - with over 800,000 patients hospitalized each year.

It is predicted that one in four adults will fall each year, making falls a public health concern due to their widespread occurrence, serious injuries, and substantial healthcare costs.

"Falls are an enormous, growing concern," said Brian Belmont, FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers’ Chief Executive Officer. “We all have someone in our lives dealing with balance issues or at risk of falling – whether it's our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, or even ourselves."

The public health concern for falling is not limited to seniors. Statistics show:

The economic burden of falls has become catastrophic, totaling more than $50 billion annually. Healthcare expenses, lost productivity, and informal caregiving contribute to this enormous cost.

So, what’s causing the falls?

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, balance problems affect up to 80% of fallers—dizziness, vertigo, vestibular disorders, and beyond permeate every demographic.

Yet patients across the spectrum—from athletes to middle-aged individuals and seniors— struggle to access personalized balance treatments and comprehensive therapy due to limited expertise, resources, and the need for individualized treatment plans.


FYZICAL’s innovative Balance Program is the only one of its kind in the marketplace. It uses a holistic approach and proprietary therapies to meet the surging demand for balance therapy across the U.S., positioning itself as the industry’s balance authority.

“We pioneered an exclusive Balance Paradigm to meet the needs of balance patients,” said Belmont, “to not only address the increasing demand but to prevent falls from happening in the first place.”

Engineered by Brian Werner, MPT, FYZICAL’s National Director of Balance Education, FYZICAL’s Balance Paradigm takes a holistic approach to treating balance patients through groundbreaking, cutting-edge therapies.

Using a tailored approach and industry-leading fall-prevention techniques like clinical diagnosis and applied sensory mismatch theory, it addresses the balance issues that plague millions of Americans and elevates FYZICAL's status as the premier balance expert in the medical community.

“FYZICAL's core differentiator is its in-depth focus on understanding each patient's unique sensory strategy, which we call the Sensory Strategy Analysis (SSA) Protocol,” said Werner, “unlike traditional approaches that treat symptoms and impairments in isolation.”

“This personalized assessment allows for highly targeted interventions.”

The program also addresses the root causes rather than just managing the symptoms. “At FYZICAL, we address the underlying sensory processing dysfunction that often causes dizziness symptoms, not just vertigo or gait instability,” said Werner.

“This leads to more sustainable and effective treatment with a lower risk of recurrence.”

FYZICAL’s fall-prevention therapies – one of its premier treatments - came in response to the intensifying concern with balance and vestibular issues.

“Falls are a growing concern, impacting not just older adults but also younger individuals,” said Werner. “Fall prevention becomes paramount as the population ages and factors like sedentary lifestyles and chronic conditions increase,” he said.

“This is where FYZICAL's fall prevention program steps in, offering a critical and unique solution for today's generation.”

Through groundbreaking therapies and decades of dedicated expertise, FYZICAL’s Balance Program is revolutionizing the way individuals maintain stability and safety, improving the overall health and quality of life for individuals and making a nationwide impact on communities.

“FYZICAL's Balance Program, powered by the innovative SSA protocol, isn't just about individual patient success,” said Werner. “It can potentially positively impact entire communities across the U.S.”


FYZICAL's nationwide footprint as the balance expert, coupled with its proprietary fall-prevention therapies, creates an enormous scale of opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to tap into a lucrative market, provide an exclusive treatment for balance patients, and capitalize on a surging revenue stream.

As the renowned leader in balance therapy, FYZICAL's niche in the marketplace is evidenced by the overwhelming influx of balance referrals from healthcare providers - and physical therapists – seeking out the industry’s leading balance expert.

FYZICAL’s national reach and ability to treat diverse balance concerns can translate into significant profitability.

"Becoming a FYZICAL balance clinic has probably added more revenue to our practice than anything else," said Tara Schwartz, FYZICAL Franchisee. I thought it would be impossible to get balance clients," she said. "Our balance therapy is now 60% of our business, and we are well known for it."

"Doctors tell their patients to 'find a FYZICAL.'"

FYZICAL's Balance Program can also drive profitability and impact a clinic’s financial performance.

"Implementing a balance program in an outpatient FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers’ location positively impacts the clinic's bottom line," said Rick Douglass, PT, DPT, and FYZICAL's Chief Clinical Officer.

"Many of the patients who are coming in for pre- and post-surgical foot, ankle, hip, knee, back, and shoulder pain also have significant challenges with balance, or their injuries were potentially caused by loss of balance and falls. A balance program will open a whole new group of referral sources and allow you to have a greater impact on your community."

With the aging population, emphasis on preventive care, and 73 million baby boomers nearing retirement, the physical therapy industry is projected to hit $128 billion by 2032.

The need for specialized balance and fall prevention therapy is paramount

"It's more than just addressing injuries and preventing future incidents," said Werner. "It's about offering optimal care to those around you," he said. "In your community, you likely know someone struggling with balance issues. You may even be at risk."

FYZICAL’s Balance Program can help individuals reclaim stability, confidence, and mastery over their lives and ultimately change communities everywhere.

"Addressing the need for balance is critical," said Belmont. "Through our innovative treatments and proprietary approaches, we're reshaping the landscape of wellness nationwide."

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Published: June 5th, 2024

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