Meet an Owner: Sandi Heintz
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Meet an Owner: Sandi Heintz

Meet an Owner: Sandi Heintz

Sandi Heintz knew it was time to leave her career as a strategic consultant for an environmental consulting firm when she started to feel pulled toward helping others in a more direct way. She always knew it was there; in fact, she has been passionate about people aging in place since the age of 16.

“I worked for the Area Agency on Aging here in Houston in between consulting and purchasing a Right at Home franchise,” said Sandi. “It was really my passion for assisting families and navigating that process with them that brought me here. It literally was in the name for me: Right at Home.”

Sandi became a Right at Home franchise owner in 2013 and now owns three Right at Home territories in the northwest Houston metro area. She’s a Certified Senior Advisor and loves getting to help families in her community navigate their home care needs every day.

“I’m a huge advocate for aging in place,” Sandi said.

Find Your Footing

Sandi has built a successful business over the past decade, but it took some trial and error at the beginning to get it right. Without the resources to hire a big team, Sandi hired an office administrator early on, but soon realized it wasn’t actually what she needed to grow the business.

“I hired someone who was just more of an administrative role and that position ended up changing a lot because they couldn’t grow with me as I grew,” recalled Sandi. “My advice would be to find someone who can complement you and grow with you.”

Sandi recommends finding what you’re good at within the franchise early on and making decisions strategically from there.

“Given my background, I was more comfortable leaning into sales and marketing, so I’ve hired individuals to take on more of the operational work,” Sandi said. “Even as I’ve grown, I’ve still chosen to outsource the operational work to others.”

Grow Strategically

With Sandi’s prior work experience as a strategic consultant, it’s no surprise that she brings a lot of strategy to the way she approaches the business. Although she’s no longer involved in the day-to-day operations, she oversees a team from a high level.

“I handle the strategic sales activities and how to tweak some of our current processes to improve our return on investment. Sometimes all it takes is a small tweak to move the needle for your business.”

A big part of Sandi’s strategy has been taking advantage of the outstanding support from Right at Home’s corporate office. Impressed by their level of customization–providing advice for franchises small and large, new and old–Sandi credits Right at Home corporate for helping to move the needle in the right direction for her business over the years.

“Between the integrity of the corporation, the length it's been in the industry, and the knowledge it’s acquired, they can filter that out to assist every franchise in the organization so they can be as successful as they want to be,” she said. “Mostly, I love that they believe no franchise should be left behind.”

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Published: May 17th, 2024

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