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Successfully navigating the “people puzzle” is a key factor in building and maintaining a growing, sustainable multi-unit company. Learn how to become the employer of choice in your markets by finding the best new employees, assessing your internal talent pool, developing them for management positions, and building your bench plan for growth.


Gravity Software
Gravity Software is a cloud-based, multi-entity accounting solution that simplifies inter-company transactions and financial reporting. Built-in business intelligence, multi-currency capabilities and automated workflows further improves efficiency.
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RockBox Fitness
RockBox Fitness
RockBox Fitness
Here are 5 ways you can inspire your leaders to better attract and retain employees in today’s workforce
  • John DiJulius
  • 2,185 Reads 1 Shares
As the labor shortage persists, companies continue offer “extraordinary” incentives, says a survey from Express Employment Professionals
  • Express Employment Professionals
  • 2,850 Reads 3 Shares
Four answers to the nagging question, “Where have all the workers gone in 2022?”
  • John DiJulius
  • 2,827 Reads 3 Shares
How business operators can identify and reduce the problem of employees “Quiet Quitting.”
  • Jess Pischel
  • 3,581 Reads 6 Shares
Need a board of advisors to help achieve your growth goals? Avoid these 3 mistakes!
  • John Francis
  • 3,903 Reads 2 Shares
New poll finds U.S. small businesses tapping the breaks on hiring and increasing layoffs
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 4,733 Reads 30 Shares
Creating the type of culture employees want to be part of is a growing trend among companies
  • John DiJulius
  • 4,351 Reads 6 Shares
5 articles on employment and hiring trends to help you plan
  • Franchise Update Media
  • 5,081 Reads 6 Shares
Retain your best employees by making your workplace a place they love
  • Bob Phibbs
  • 4,822 Reads 10 Shares
PrideStaff multi-unit franchisee and former SBA staffer advises business owners to transform their hiring and retention processes
  • Matt Becker
  • 4,841 Reads 8 Shares
For employees, a little gratitude and appreciation goes a long way toward retaining employees – and helps with hiring new ones
  • Motivosity
  • 5,491 Reads 35 Shares
Taco John's
Taco John's
Taco John's
Nearly half of small business operators put hiring on hold, while some even plan layoffs.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 4,518 Reads 2 Shares
These 7 key traits that will help employees build effective social interactions with customers.
  • John DiJulius
  • 4,466 Reads 3 Shares
New Harris Poll finds 57% of U.S. companies will continue onboarding workers despite economic downturn
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 4,623 Reads 3 Shares
Worker shortages remain top problem for small business owners, according to latest NFIB jobs report
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 3,820 Reads
4 creative recruiting tips from Dave Craig, Fazoli’s SVP of HR
  • Dave Craig
  • 4,011 Reads 35 Shares
In this time of ongoing labor shortages, consider an ESOP as a way to increase retention and commitment
  • Scott Eichler
  • 2,486 Reads 7 Shares
20% of U.S. companies say attracting and hiring diverse candidates is a major challenge
  • Express Employment Professionals
  • 2,293 Reads 2 Shares
A look beneath the data driving today’s job shortage and its effects on hiring and growth
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 2,027 Reads 15 Shares
Establishing platforms and performance measures to sustain the unity required to build a solid multi-generational enterprise.
  • Kendall Rawls
  • 1,267 Reads 2 Shares
3 tips on how being an advocate for job candidates, as well as your own company, pays off for both parties
  • Jeremy Eskenazi
  • 1,113 Reads 8 Shares
Modern Market Eatery
Modern Market Eatery
Modern Market Eatery
Why it’s important in business to schedule time to discuss complex topics so everyone can be mentally and emotionally prepared.
  • Kendall Rawls
  • 1,326 Reads 6 Shares
4 strategies to help franchisees with hiring in today’s tight labor market
  • Candace Nicolls
  • 1,571 Reads 4 Shares
Franchise Update Media introduces the new monthly Franchise Employer Report newsletter
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 1,555 Reads 36 Shares
Tips for training your employees to be indispensable and extraordinary – tips you can apply to yourself as well!
  • John Tschohl
  • 1,494 Reads 22 Shares
Four multi-unit franchisees offer tips on attracting, hiring, training, and retaining employees in the 2022 labor shortage, part 3
  • Helen Bond & Kerry Pipes
  • 2,628 Reads 5 Shares
Three strategies you can implement in your company’s culture that will help attract talent and minimize turnover.
  • Kendall Rawls
  • 1,403 Reads 14 Shares
Flexibility is the keyword in hiring and retaining workers in today’s Covid-altered world.
  • Brian Schmidt
  • 4,385 Reads 39 Shares
You won't have to be afraid of losing talent if you utilize best practices to develop and retain your employees.
  • Kendall Rawls
  • 1,869 Reads 13 Shares
New study by IFA and FRANdata details dearth of qualified labor and how franchising is equipped to address such workforce issues.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 1,961 Reads 8 Shares
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