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Discover best practices for training and retaining great talent in your organization. Great people are the key to a successful business, and training is a critical element of the onboarding process. As part of your search for a new franchise opportunity, learn how to evaluate the training programs that brands provide as part of their business offering.


Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine
Published quarterly, Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine is dedicated exclusively to Multi-Unit Franchisees. It delivers vital information and business solutions multi-unit franchisees seek to help strengthen their franchise systems and grow their brands
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Smoothie King
Smoothie King
Smoothie King
Organizations can expect obvious results when they implement an empowered environment.
  • Timothy Bednarz
  • 4,391 Reads 64 Shares
When I was 19 years old, I was promoted to passenger service manager for Capital Airlines at Midway Airport in Chicago.
  • Howard Putnam
  • 4,146 Reads
You search and screen and interview for the best employees. Days pass, sometimes weeks, as you narrow down your choices (and continue to operate understaffed).
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 7,180 Reads 1 Shares
When great front-line hourly employees quit, most managers take it personally--and with good reason.
  • Mel Kleiman
  • 6,567 Reads
Lots of lists rank the "best" franchise brands. But what about compiling a list of best franchises by going straight to the franchisees and asking them?
  • Franchise Update Media
  • 42,689 Reads 1,014 Shares
Irate customers. No matter how good you are at what you do, what business you are in, or where it is located, you will at some point find yourself facing an irate customer.
  • John Tschohl
  • 4,912 Reads 359 Shares
Nearly every company in the world gives lip service to the idea that "our people are our greatest asset."
  • Shawn Achor
  • 4,779 Reads 151 Shares
No one I know would dispute the benefits technology--specifically the computer--has had on every aspect of our lives.
  • John Tschohl
  • 4,042 Reads 68 Shares
After 10 years at Union Carbide, Ottawa-born chemical engineer Roger Mongeon wanted to spend less time traveling and more time with his family.
  • Debbie Selinsky
  • 7,652 Reads 4 Shares
Now, more than ever, organizations are looking for ways to motivate their employees to be more productive.
  • John Tschohl
  • 4,096 Reads
Never before has timing been as critical to an organization's success as it is today.
  • John Tschohl
  • 7,498 Reads 62 Shares
Franchisees, business, and property owners who have personally guaranteed commercial loans face a challenging situation when banks seek repayment, especially in today's state of economic distress.
  • Steve Huntley
  • 4,771 Reads 285 Shares
Customer service is a moving target; it is whatever the customer thinks it is.
  • John Tschohl
  • 4,663 Reads 282 Shares
It happens every year, usually in February or March. Business owners across the country meet with their accountants to review the previous year.
  • Steve LeFever
  • 7,268 Reads 163 Shares
Dave Melton has learned the importance of setting standards for the employees at his Domino's locations.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 5,468 Reads 289 Shares
Technology has allowed us to track our lead sources, assist us in buying advertising, organize our day, notify us when to make a call, and send emails.
  • Marc Kiekenapp
  • 2,514 Reads 23 Shares
They are athletes, Nobel Prize winners, and heads of state.
  • John Tschohl
  • 8,877 Reads 1 Shares
Quality and price are two criteria for consumers when making a purchasing decision.
  • John Tschohl
  • 5,343 Reads 23 Shares
Zane Tankel doesn't think of himself as a bleeding heart. He's been repeatedly recognized for his ability to build a hefty bottom line
  • John Carroll
  • 5,250 Reads 73 Shares
Growth: the all-American measure of success. But what kind of growth? And how do you measure growth in relation to success?
  • Steve LeFever
  • 11,459 Reads 1,021 Shares
Any experienced multi-unit operator understands that great employees ultimately need opportunities to grow and advance.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 6,368 Reads 126 Shares
Hot Dish Advertising
Hot Dish Advertising
Hot Dish Advertising
Steve Bowen knew how to handle a good paint job. But as an independent businessman he was stretched thin and was wearing many different hats as he tried to manage his own painting company.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 5,124 Reads 195 Shares
In the course of my speaking and consulting engagements, I've found that many franchisees have given up even trying to get meaningful references on promising job applicants. From the frustrating experiences recounted to me by others and my own company's policy, I know that most employers will report only dates of employment and the starting and ending wage or salary figures.
  • Mel Kleiman
  • 7,222 Reads 1 Shares
Timing the sale of a business can be a stressful process. In today's tenuous economy, it's nearly impossible to predict your business's financial future, let alone its value on the open market.
  • Mike Handelsman
  • 4,667 Reads 29 Shares
Service recovery. Those two words can make the difference between success and failure. And yet most people in management positions don't know what the term means, let alone how to use service recovery to establish a loyal customer base and increase sales.
  • John Tschohl
  • 5,122 Reads 177 Shares
Before you become a franchise business owner, you need to do your homework. After all, starting a franchise is a lot of work. You need to make sure that you're making the most out of your time!
  • Lesley D'Arcy
  • 19,907 Reads 17 Shares
Back in 1981, with the prime borrowing rate at an all-time high of 21 percent, most bank customers felt that those cameras they have in banks to photograph robbers should, in all fairness, be pointed at the "real" crooks: the lending officers. At such rates most companies found it difficult (if not impossible) to borrow money. Actually, it wasn't so hard to borrow money--it's just that no one could repay it.
  • Steve LeFever
  • 6,834 Reads 185 Shares
If I were to ask 100 business operators to define customer service, I would guess that 97 of them would say this: Customer service is providing the customer with service that is fast, accurate, and courteous. While those are indeed elements of customer service, there is more to it, so much more.
  • John Tschohl
  • 6,581 Reads 475 Shares
It's often the case that the weaknesses of a system are not obvious until that system is catastrophically overloaded. That's when most breakdowns or failures occur. Overloaded electrical systems start fires, overloaded computer systems crash, and overloaded human beings suffer nervous breakdowns.
  • Mel Kleiman
  • 3,728 Reads 9 Shares
Senior care is one of the hottest growth segments in franchising today. The demand for senior care services, both medical and non-medical, has been growing by leaps and bounds, in tandem with the growth of the country's aging population, who are living longer, staying healthier, and remaining more active than any seniors in history.
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 4,458 Reads
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