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Data breaches and attacks from hackers are a problem for any business, and franchises are particularly vulnerable. Cybersecurity in franchising is very real concern. Learn about new technologies, training, and other methods to protect your franchise business from a data breach, protect your business from lawsuits, and provide your customers with peace of mind.


Leasecake is location management made easy – from lease contracts and licensing agreements to ASC 842 compliance. Never miss a deadline, stay ahead of renewals, get visibility into efficiencies and maintain compliance.
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Buddy's Home Furnishings
Buddy's Home Furnishings
Buddy's Home Furnishings
Refugees from corporate America seeking capital to open a franchise business are tapping into their retirement plans to fund their fledgling businesses. So are multi-unit franchisees seeking to expand.
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 7,675 Reads 1,023 Shares
Among the many costs associated with running a successful franchise are staff wages, marketing campaigns, and product costs (with regard to ordering and maintaining an inventory). One of the biggest expenses, without question, has to be your commercial rent. Higher income from rent-paying tenants, like you, will make a landlord happier. However, this remains as money out of your pocket. By decreasing your monthly rent, your profits will increase. Doing this is not impossible. Know that the amount of rent that you agreed to pay at the beginning of your lease term is not necessarily the amount of rent you will pay on your renewal. I have been quite successful in negotiating midterm rent breaks and lease renewal rent reductions for many clients - both independent business owners and franchisees.
  • Dale Willerton
  • 36,193 Reads 20 Shares
Like it or not, litigation comes to virtually all franchise systems. Take a moment to see how savvy you are on franchise litigation issues based on real-world cases
  • Jonathan Solish
  • 6,123 Reads 317 Shares
The economy hasn't been the only problem wreaking havoc across the nation. Most cities are also reporting a disturbing trend of crime increases that experts tie to rising unemployment and a pattern of thefts called organized retail crime (a.k.a. organized retail theft). Beyond the convenience store "beer runs" and juvenile candy grabs, prosecutors and retailers alike are feeling the impact of retail theft groups targeting specific merchandise--not for personal use, but for resale through household sales, community swap meets, flea markets, or most commonly, over the Internet through one of the large online auction sites or community resale forums.
  • Rollie Trayte and Gary Widman
  • 4,772 Reads
At the end of January, following the headlines of optimism and encouragement that came with the presidential inauguration, came the harsh reality of job layoffs and plant closings in one company after another across the country. Home Depot announced 7,000 layoffs, Pfizer trimmed 19,000 jobs, and Caterpillar 20,000. In total, nearly 60,000 wage earners became unemployed, and while many enjoyed reasonable severance packages others were most certainly caught unprepared for the income loss that will follow.
  • Rollie Trayte and Gary Widman
  • 3,049 Reads 50 Shares
There may be some lag time, but experts note that every recession since the 1950s--with its rising unemployment and weakened economy--has been tied to an increase in crime, most notably property crimes and robbery.
  • Rollie Trayte and Gary Widman
  • 3,593 Reads 22 Shares
In our previous column, we covered the first two elements of security and loss prevention when setting up a new business: site selection and employee screening. This issue we look at alarm systems.
  • Rollie Trayte with Gary Widman
  • 3,331 Reads 35 Shares
One year ago, the debt markets were flush with cash, the merger and acquisition marketplace was lively with new deal announcements, and operating companies were aggressively pursuing new unit development opportunities. Today, we have a very different story, although an historically recurring one.
  • Dean Zuccarello
  • 2,979 Reads 1,023 Shares
There's a loud ruckus, a crowd gathers 'round, and a customer is sprawled on the floor next to the soft drink dispenser. The area is covered in soda and ice and the customer laments she slipped, fell, and is injured because of your negligence.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 7,603 Reads 1 Shares
As vice president of concept development at HMSHost, Novack has his plate full, and seems to relish every bite.
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 5,450 Reads 1,023 Shares
A really hard job for any franchise company's tech department is coordinating all the different systems in franchisee locations. As everyone gets more and more dependent on standardized machines and programs, it's easy to think that the basics are taken care of.
  • Ripley Hotch
  • 1,992 Reads 5 Shares
RockBox Fitness
RockBox Fitness
RockBox Fitness
Sit-down restaurants, also known as casual restaurants, have re-established themselves in the world of franchising - a world more often associated with such fast-food standards as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, KFC, Taco Bell, and Subway, for example.
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 1,822 Reads 49 Shares
Just as the Memorial Day holiday was about to begin, lawmakers preparing to flee Washington, D.C., for vacation, reached agreement on continuing to fund the war in Iraq. That funding bill also raised the minimum wage. Not a big deal, many business owners would say, because half the states already require minimum wages in excess of the federal level.
  • Mark E. Battersby
  • 2,350 Reads 7 Shares
It's no secret that the father's career path is no longer being repeated by the son (or daughter). Nor was it so long ago that folks graduated from college, signed on with a company, and spent the next 40 years toiling in the same office.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 5,526 Reads
For Joe Lindenmeyer, the path to TSS Photography in Atlanta led from New York through Iraq. When he was growing up in the 1970s as the youngest of seven (five older brothers and an older sister), upstate New York was not exactly an economic hotbed. The family had a landscaping business, but Joe chose to join the Marines (Tank Corps) and later served in Desert Storm.
  • Ripley Hotch
  • 3,047 Reads 44 Shares
Have you ever wondered why doing the right thing or behaving as we "should" is usually the most difficult choice? Especially when it comes to handling our finances, there is almost always a less emotionally challenging path than the one that is "in our own long-term best interest."
  • Carol Clark
  • 2,270 Reads 1,014 Shares
When it comes to succession planning, the Northwest may be the country's most evolved region. Maybe it's all that Microsoft money looking for a home, or maybe it's the waters of the Columbia racing toward the Pacific.
  • 2,165 Reads 2 Shares
Care-giving for baby-boomers is a rapidly growing concern and quickly escalating need in this country. In the next two decades, there will be more than 70 million people over the age of 65. Furthermore, the average life expectancy has increased 15 years since the 1930's. Nearly one out of every four U.S. households provides care to a relative or friend aged 50 or older and about 15 percent of adults care for a seriously ill or disabled family member. In hard numbers, about 13 million people are spouses or adult children of disabled older people and have the potential responsibility for their care.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 4,698 Reads 535 Shares
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