How 8 Franchise Leaders Spread Their Culture Across the System
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How 8 Franchise Leaders Spread Their Culture Across the System

How 8 Franchise Leaders Spread Their Culture Across the System

In each issue of Franchise Update magazine, we profile franchise CEOs and presidents, asking each the same set of questions. Throughout the year, we'll be selecting one of those questions - and providing answers from the previous year's profiles. If you'd like to learn more about these franchise leaders and what they have to say on other topics, just click the link to read to their full profile. This week they tell how they transmit their culture throughout their organization.

Brian Petranick, CEO and President, RiseMark Brands
That has to start at the top. Culture must be understood, defined, and communicated. It needs to be a focus area every day. We talk about our culture all the time. It is infused in every aspect of our company. We have a whole session on our culture during discovery day and again during training. It's reinforced at staff meetings, talked about with potential new employees throughout the selection process, and one of the yardsticks we use when making tough decisions. In other words, we ask ourselves, Are we living our values and our culture? Read full profile here.

Shannon Hudson, CEO and Co-Founder, 9Round Franchising
This is another challenge I find myself facing for sure. I constantly wonder, "How do I make sure I connect with each and every employee?" We have created several things in the past six months to help with this, including regional trainings I personally teach at, and online training modules with tests included to help make all of our trainers what we like to call "Champion Trainers." Read full profile here.

Jon Nobis, CEO, Two Men and a Truck
First, I would say that it is not "my" culture to transmit. You see, I've never been on the trucks for a full summer in 100-degree heat doing the heavy lifting and making a customer's day. That space is reserved for our move heroes. However, I do know franchising, and what works in franchising is replicating and scaling what is successful. We have tremendous franchisees throughout our system who have created environments that front-line employees are passionate to be a part of. And part of my role is to set up an environment where those ideas are shared and implemented. Another big component is recognition, and one of the many different things we do is monthly live broadcasts to our teams where we get to recognize those front-line employees. Read full profile here.

Larry Oberly, CEO and President, SpeedPro Imaging
Our home team is located Centennial, Colorado. There are only 16 of us. Our front line is our entrepreneurial studio owners and their team members. Most of what I did in my first months was travel to as many of our markets and locations as possible. I'm going to continue to learn the business, the challenges, and the opportunities as I continue to travel to our studios. I'm absorbing the culture and learning what works and what needs to be improved for the future. I'm doing, on average, one webinar every three weeks for our regional developers and our studio owners. These webinars are geared toward sharing ideas and providing education in the attempt to reach common understandings. Read full profile here.

Tammy Whitworth, Chair and CEO, Window World
I go back to that family atmosphere. When I'm in the office my door is always open. I don't want anyone to feel tense or guarded around me. Everyone in the corporate office knows they can ask questions and share their concerns with me. That mentality spreads throughout the entire system and is shared with our store owners and their teams. Furthermore, we make an effort to arrange trips outside of work for our entire staff. It is an excellent opportunity for store owners, office staff, and corporate employees to get to know one another better, and it helps break down the barriers that can spring up between the corporate office and our stores. Read full profile here.

Rob Price, CEO and President, School of Rock
Our culture does not come from our office. It begins in our lessons, rehearsal rooms, and performances. Our franchisees and school teams are incredibly passionate, so I do not find culture transmission a challenge. Rather, we have to work hard to systematize and automate our business to allow all of us to focus more time on building our culture, and less time on minutiae and bureaucracy. Read full profile here.

Nicole Ossenfort, CEO and President, Liberty Tax
Liberty Tax has always had a family feel, and nothing can change that. The tone is set at the top. We treat each other with respect. We acknowledge each other in the hallways. Our employees know that we care about them and that we trust them to do great work. Read full profile here.

Published: March 3rd, 2019

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