Is Your Frandev Tech Working for - or Against - Your Recruitment Goals?
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Is Your Frandev Tech Working for - or Against - Your Recruitment Goals?

Is Your Frandev Tech Working for - or Against - Your Recruitment Goals?

You only get one shot at a great first impression with a potential franchise candidate. So if your brand’s development website is problematic, difficult, or otherwise not producing the results you want, you might want to keep reading!

“They get to your brand’s development website and start to fill out an inquiry – but something’s not working right, preventing them from connecting with your recruiter. The result? A bad first impression and potential loss of the lead,” writes Jayson Pearl, founder of ServiceScore, in his new e-book, “Check Your Tech: Ten Ways to Deliver a Better First Impression for Franchise Prospects and Convert More Leads to Deals.”

He continues, “With a conversion rate of about 1% from initial lead to deal in franchising, you have to ask yourself – is your technology helping your conversion rate? It is delivering a great first impression? Is it increasing your recruiter efficiency? If your systems are working well, the answer should be yes to all three questions. But how do you know if all is right on your site?”

He answers those questions by defining and describing what he calls the 10 biggest opportunities to drive a better, more effective lead process, including examples and a final summary called “Check(list) Your Tech,” which sets a timetable to check in on each of the 10 areas:

  1. Stop the stall: Make sure your inquiry form is sending.
  2. Eliminate entry errors: Check that all form fills are working.
  3. Continue the conversation: Redirect visitors to more content after lead form submission.
  4. Terminate text tardiness: Be sure auto-texting is monitored and linked to humans.
  5. Look at links: Check your email templates for link and formatting errors.
  6. Banish the bar: Make sure your forms don’t need a scroll bar.
  7. Revisit your requirements: Make sure your lead forms are keeping up with the times.
  8. Investigate your images: Check that photos on website and in emails display on top devices, browsers.
  9. Assess your APIs: Check that website plug-ins and APIs are working correctly.
  10. Step up with a backup: Have a backup to CRM for a call with a candidate.

For more information, call 414-436-0040 or visit the ServiceScore website (which works well!).

Published: November 25th, 2022

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