Q&A with Trey Powell, Multi-Brand Franchisee of Mosquito Joe & Wonderly Lights
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Q&A with Trey Powell, Multi-Brand Franchisee of Mosquito Joe & Wonderly Lights

Q&A with Trey Powell, Multi-Brand Franchisee of Mosquito Joe & Wonderly Lights

Name: Trey Powell

Title: Multi-brand franchisee

Brands: Mosquito Joe (2 territories), Wonderly Lights (3 locations)

Years in franchising: 9

Why did you choose to franchise with a service brand?

When I was exploring opportunities, I didn’t have to look any further than a service I had already used in Mosquito Joe. I was a customer first and loved the service. When exploring new business opportunities, I knew that Buzz Franchise Brands (who initially owned Mosquito Joe) was a great franchisor to work with. I had done my research and decided to jump in as a franchisee. Then I found Wonderly (within Buzz Franchise Brands) to be an excellent service to round out the year, as both are seasonal businesses.

How did you choose the sector and brand you did?

I found home services appealing because of the low investment, potential to scale, and ability to provide a valuable service to the community. After launching Mosquito Joe, I was looking for a nice complementary business within home services. I knew that Wonderly Lights was a newer brand, but I had been familiar with Buzz Franchise Brands. I did my research and thought it would be a tremendous seasonal business to help fill out the year with recurring revenue at a lower investment cost, and a great way to keep my staff on year-round!

What different skill sets are required for service brand franchising?

To be successful in service brand franchising, you really need to be well-versed in sales, customer service, and adopt a client-first culture. You’re offering something that someone needs, so how does your service fit what they’re looking for?

What are the advantages to choosing a service brand?

I noticed that service brands, particularly like the ones I’m a part of, boomed during Covid-19. As time has gone on, it seems like the general population in the U.S. is in high demand of services—of all kinds! People are busy, and now more than ever are willing to pay for convenience and hire services to get some of their time back.

How does having a service brand benefit/complement your other brand?

I have two seasonal service businesses that are in opposite seasons, so we are able to retain the same employees for both and earn revenue year-round. It can be hard to staff businesses in general, and the quality and skill set you are looking for is invaluable once you have it, so we are less concerned about off-season turnover or loss of experience as we transition into different seasons.

What would you recommend to anyone considering a service brand?

My advice would be to set out to be the best, not the cheapest. Quality, service, and integrity are worth way more in the long run than sacrificing for costs. If you charge more, but can offer unparalleled service and products, it will be worth it.

Published: March 14th, 2024

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