ComForCare Establishes Exclusive Partnership with Connected Home Living to Launch Connected Care, Providing 24/7 Monitoring
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ComForCare Establishes Exclusive Partnership with Connected Home Living to Launch Connected Care, Providing 24/7 Monitoring

Technology will enable older adults with diverse care needs to confidently and safely live at home with proactive and ongoing support

TROY, MI - ComForCare, a franchised provider of in-home caregiving services, forges an exclusive partnership with Connected Home Living to introduce Connected Care for clients. The new technology will be integrated into ComForCare/At Your Side’s in-home care protocol to monitor vital signs, alerts, medications, mental and physical state of older adults cared for, on a daily basis, ensuring continuity of care and rapid intervention for best possible outcomes.

“This partnership is a transformative step forward in our commitment to delivering comprehensive and compassionate care to our clients,” stated J.J. Sorrenti, CEO of Best Life Brands, parent company of ComForCare/At Your Side Home Care. “The integration of virtual care into daily use alongside our hands-on, in-home care is revolutionizing the way we empower older adults to maintain their independence and well-being. With the ability to detect weakness, illness, and support dementia progression, caregivers can respond swiftly and manage proactively, ultimately gaining more time to focus on an individual's social and well-being needs that are crucial to thriving in the home.”

Connected Care enhances care with:

  • Fall Detection: the fall detection technology responds within minutes without the need for cameras or wearables. Placed throughout the home, 4D-radar-enabled fall detection devices detect falls by triggering an automated response when someone falls below a certain height threshold. The technology is always active and ready to intervene.
  • Wellness Monitoring: non-intrusive sensors gather real-time activity and daily living patterns to establish a baseline for individuals. This helps ensure that everything is okay by learning normal day and nighttime activities. When there's a deviation from this baseline, remote care coordinators are alerted to address potential risks. Data is always being reviewed to allow for identification of unusual patterns and to provide better insights.
  • Daily Virtual Calls: individuals can receive personalized care and support from remote care coordinators via video calls and regular check-ins. The coordinators monitor the individual's medical conditions and ensure that they have access to necessary medications and household supplies. If any items are missing, the coordinators respond promptly to address the issue. These calls not only combat loneliness but also build personal relationships and improve the overall wellness of the individual.
  • Chronic Disease Management: Bluetooth telehealth devices (such as a weight scale, blood pressure, or pulse oxygen) and an app on a phone or tablet enable home management of chronic conditions (where location licensing permits). These devices capture vital information, to ensure they remain stable,and provide medication reminders. Alerts and follow-ups are sent for missed check-ins, and symptom changes are monitored. 

“We are looking forward to this partnership with ComForCare and At Your Side Home care to bring technological efficiencies and prioritize care and resources to older adults. This integrated approach of in-home care and technology allows an older adult to reach optimal health and thrive in their home,” says Neil Tantingco, founder and CEO of Connected Home Living. “We are passionate about supporting patients and their families by extending the care management team, reducing social isolation, and promoting healthy behaviors.”

Connected Care will be rolling out across ComForCare and At Your Side Home Care franchise locations over the next several months. 

SOURCE ComForCare Home Care


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