BoConcept Wants to Create Holiday Hygge
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BoConcept Wants to Create Holiday Hygge

November 20, 2023 // // Hygge is the art of creating a cosy atmosphere. It’s about being with people we love and the feeling of home. So, as winter starts to appear and the festive season approaches, there's nothing quite like transforming your home into a warm and inviting sanctuary - just like the Danes do. “It’s the most hyggelig time of the year”, says Meik Wiking, bestselling author of The Little Book Of Hygge. “At no other time of year will you hear Danes mentioning hygge as much.” It even has its own compound word, ‘julehygge’ (Christmas hygge) with Danes often saying to each other, “Do you want to come over for some julehygge?”, according to Wiking. So what can be done to make your home more hygge for the holidays? Discover our tips below, from seating that sets the scene to lighting, decorations and cosy accessories. Interior Stylist Signe Kok Nielsen, from BoConcept’s Copenhagen store, also shares her recommendations for maximising hygge.

Warm and Welcoming Seating Arrangements

The heart of any home is its seating area, where family and friends gather to share stories, laughter and…festive drinks (‘gløgg’ is Scandinavia’s version of mulled wine). To up the hygge appeal think about modular sofa arrangements that maximise both social interaction and comfort. “The new Salamanca is the ultimate family lounge-style sofa thanks to its oversized proportions and versatile seating arrangements”, says Nielsen. “The moveable cushions increase the comfort factor, too.” For added holiday hygge, Nielsen suggests “earthy colours and soft textures” when it comes to fabrics, such as “Dusty Green Velvet or Green Frisco”.

Cosy Textures and Natural Elements

Hygge celebrates the tactile pleasures of life, and incorporating cosy textures and natural elements into your decor can amplify this feeling. “Texture is important”, says Nielsen. “Even though Denmark can have a very clean and simple furniture style, we like to mix it up with textures and different accessories, especially at Christmas. If it is too clean and cold, it is not hyggelig.” Nielsen recommends soft velvet or boucle cushions, cosy plaid ‘cuddle me’ throws and tactile rugs, such as plush Lure or circular Loom that is handwoven to shimmering effect. To infuse a touch of nature, she suggests adorning your space with potted plants, garlands of pinecones, and other earthy ornaments, fostering a connection with the outdoors even during the coldest months.

Soft Lighting and Candles

A hallmark of hygge is the gentle glow of ambient lighting that creates an intimate and calming atmosphere. “Finding the right light details is also important. Again if the light is too cold, it is not hyggeligt”, says Nielsen. In Denmark, we mix a lot between artificial warm light and real candles.

BoConcept offers a variety of lighting options that can help you achieve this desired effect from diffusing floor lamps such as Kuta or the very festive looking Five Chandelier. To add an extra touch of magic, scatter candles throughout your space, creating a warm and inviting glow reminiscent of a winter wonderland. BoConcept's elegant candle holders, like marble Fracture in festive Forest Green. A popular Danish tradition is to light your advent candle each day to count down to the most hygge day of the year.

Calming Storage and Space to Display

Creating a hygge-inspired home means keeping clutter at bay, allowing you to focus on the warmth and joy of the season. The new Calgary customised storage system, with its versatile design combines storage space with room to display cherished holiday decorations and keepsakes. There’s also the option of a bar shelf which is ideal during holiday season! Consider investing in a sofa or sofa bed with additional storage to help accommodate holiday guests and to maintain an inviting environment, essential for cultivating a hygge atmosphere. It’s difficult to tell, but the Xtra footstool is actually a guest bed in disguise. Functioning as a minimalist footstool for everyday use, it easily transforms into a single bed when needed.

Thoughtful Accents and Tradition Decorations

“In Denmark, people like to express their personal style at Christmas time, myself included”, says Nielsen. “I like to source curly branches and decorate them with vintage Christmas ornaments with a mix of some more modern.” There is a long tradition for making pleated hearts out of paper as ornaments for the Christmas tree. “People are obsessed with making their own decorations, especially the hearts”, says Nielsen. Look out for decorating tips and workshops on how to make the heart decorations on our social channels, as well as other festive tips and Danish recipes over the holiday season.

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