BoConcept's January Re-Set
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BoConcept's January Re-Set

Discover small on effort yet large on impact projects to enhance your home for a new year

December 22, 2023 // // A New Year allows for a new outlook – and that often includes a rethink of our homes. It’s the perfect time to consider a refresh of your home for the year ahead. After a busy year and festive season, taking time in January to look at and evaluate our spaces can be done in a number of ways – from decluttering and organization to adding personal touches and new zones to your home.

With the expert guidance of our Interior Design Service, discover six ways to make a space feel like new.

Style Your Bookshelves

Sometimes the small details and accessories can create a new atmosphere in your home. “Try removing everything from your bookshelves, be critical and select only the items and books that mean something to you or that have an aesthetic appeal and complements your interior”, says Copenhagen Interior Decorator Signe Kok Nielsen.

Remember that getting rid of “stuff”, creates space for new items. “Declutter and create a different layout than before” says Nielsen. “Leave some empty spaces in your bookshelves to put focus on the selected items you have picked. Plus a plant is always a good idea.” Looking to refresh your bookshelves? Open systems such as Como and Calgary let your books be part of your decoration. Accessories such as a vase or sculpture in natural stone travertine will add an organic touch to your

Create a Relaxing Reading Corner

“A well-designed reading corner offers several benefits for your space, including relaxation, opportunity for reading or family time, plus it can elevate the overall aesthetics of your interior”, says Nielsen. “I recommend making it personal by selecting the right chair for you – for cocooning comfort try the Bolzano, or if you prefer straighter lines, Modena is a stylishly comfortable option. Then you can add a little bookshelf for your favourite books, artwork you like and a side table and reading lamp. A rug is an effective way to zone your area. Then you have created a meaningful area for your home.”

Re-Style a Coffee Table

“Restyling a coffee table is a great way to freshen up a space. They are typically in the centre of the room so are often a focal point and immediately draw the eye”, says Visual Merchandising Manager Kalina Todorova. “Make sure you have items of different heights – perhaps a collection of books, a candle, and some fresh flowers. A good way to keep coffee table styling neat and avoid clutter is to use a tray or a book to compile objects onto”, she suggests. New coffee table books are cheaper than art and can add a lot to a space, too.

Paint a Wall or Two

“If you want to dramatically change the look and feel of a room - paint it”, says Nielsen. “It can be a lovely little weekend project. Painting a wall does not take long and by choosing a contrasting colour that of course complements your furniture, you can create a whole new atmosphere for your space.” Again, remember the small cosy details. “If, for example, you have chosen to paint a dusty blue wall behind your sofa, the look can be completed by adding a few blue cushions or a blue plaid to the sofa.”

Shed New Light

Lighting can be easily overlooked once in place, however, your lamps do more than just illuminate your home. “Beautiful lighting can help to elevate a space”, says Todorova. “Adding a new sculptural or statement lamp in place of your old one can do wonders for reinvigorating a room.” A new light, particularly floor lamps and pendant lamps, can lift everything else up around it. “This works particularly well if you’ve not been one to invest too much time or money in lighting before. You won’t regret the change it makes.”

Create a Gallery Wall

Lastly, a gallery wall is a great addition to your space. “It can transform the look and feel of a room without the need for major renovations”, says Nielsen. “It also infuses your home with personality because you personally select different frames, pictures, photos or paintings. A gallery wall gives your space real individuality and soul. It’s also a fun creative project curating all the elements, seeing how they work together and then combining them in an organised grid for your wall.”

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