ERA® Real Estate Announces the Top One Percent for 2023
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ERA® Real Estate Announces the Top One Percent for 2023

March 11, 2024 // // MADISON, NJ - ERA® Real Estate announced the ERA® top one percent of affiliated companies, teams and individuals for 2023

“Congratulations to the top one percent of ERA-affiliated companies, teams and individuals for their stellar performance and well-deserved achievement in 2023,” said Alex Vidal, president of ERA Real Estate. “This honor showcases your dedication, passion and expertise, and we are so proud to have you part of Team ERA. We are excited to witness your future successes as you continue to take your businesses to new heights.”

The top one percent of ERA companies, teams and individuals are listed below:

2023 Top 1% Companies

ERA Brokers Consolidated, ERA Colonial Real Estate & ERA Donahoe Realty 

HUNT Real Estate ERA & ERA Key Realty Services 


2023 Top 1% - Teams

Amanda & Kyla Team – ERA All in One Realty 

Cox Team - ERA Brokers Consolidated 

Darryl & JJ Jones Team - ERA North Orange County Real Estate 

Hillery Home Team – HUNT Real Estate ERA 

The Stiller Group - Schuler Bauer Real Estate ERA Powered 


2023 Top 1% - Individuals

Jason Alge – ERA Geyer Noakes Realty Group

Brian Huskey – ERA American Real Estate

Gabby Baca – ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate

MD Nazmul Hussain – HUNT Real Estate ERA

Jennifer Ball – HUNT Real Estate ERA

Amy Ketchum-McGhee – ERA High Pointe Realty

Dana Bellanger – American Real Estate ERA Powered

Anna King – ERA King Real Estate

Dante Belmonte – HUNT Real Estate ERA

Betsy Kirkby – ERA Greater North Properties

Sylvia Bentley – ERA King Real Estate

Kat Kosmala – ERA Courtyard Real Estate

Josh Blasi – Restaino & Associates ERA Powered

Anjani Kumar – ERA Central Realty Group

Zackery Bobo – ERA Sunrise Realty

Elmer Lambright – Schuler Bauer Real Estate ERA Powered

Ronnie Burnett – ERA Woody Hogg & Assoc.

Richard Lasica – ERA Brokers Consolidated

Cyndi Byrley – ERA First Advantage Realty, Inc.

Steve Latiff – ERA American Suncoast

Hunter Cain – ERA King Real Estate

Marc Leeth – ERA Martin & Associates

Jennifer Call – ERA Brokers Consolidated

Teddy Lewandowski – HUNT Real Estate ERA

Christopher Carretta – HUNT Real Estate ERA

Lin Lin – RSVP Real Estate ERA Powered

Lilo Carroll – ERA Colonial Real Estate

Dianne Long – Napier Realtors ERA

Sandy Case-Rodgers – Schuler Bauer Real Estate ERA Powered

Melinda Luntsford – ERA First Advantage Realty, Inc.

Donna Christensen – ERA Realty Center 

Mark MacBain – HUNT Real Estate ERA

Heidi Clemmons – ERA Martin & Associates

Loretta Maimone – ERA Grizzard Real Estate

Virginia Cleven – ERA Four Feathers Realty, L.C.

Hector Martinez – ERA Valley Pro Realty

Steve Cook – ERA Steve Cook & Co., Realtors

Shawn McCormick – ERA Grizzard Real Estate

Rich Cook – ERA Reardon Realty

Rick Meisinger – ERA Lambros Real Estate

Judy Cox – Results Realty ERA Powered

Tammy Miller – ERA Martin & Associates

Kristin Croak – ERA Young Realty & Investment

Daniel Minolfo – ERA Wilder Realty

Diane Dabrowski – ERA Key Realty Services

Megan Napier – Napier Realtors ERA

Tory Dailey – ERA Lambros Real Estate

Jill Neilsen – ERA Brokers Consolidated

Jennifer Davis – ERA Realty Center

Annie Nissen – ERA Woody Hogg & Assoc.

John Denniston – HUNT Real Estate ERA

Walter Norris – ERA Martin & Associates

Kathleen DiMillo – HUNT Real Estate ERA

Jaime Nuhfer – ERA Team VP Real Estate

Tara Dixon – ERA First Advantage Realty, Inc.

Kathy Obermeyer – ERA Team VP Real Estate

Amanda Downs – ERA Valley Realty

Heather Ovard – ERA Brokers Consolidated

Mari Eddy – ERA Realty Center

David Patsel – Napier Realtors ERA

Susan Falck-Neal – ERA Integrity Real Estate

Carissa Paulson – ERA Landmark Real Estate

Barry Fall – ERA Greater North Properties

Brian Piercy – ERA Real Estate Modo

Sue Frye – ERA Landmark Real Estate

Cameron Queen – ERA Wilder Realty

Julie Gardner – ERA Lambros Real Estate

Patricia Quirk – ERA Dawson-Bradford Co., REALTORS

Jilian Gardner – ERA Courtyard Real Estate

Janet Ridgway – ERA Newlin & Company

April Gates – ERA Brokers Consolidated

Mark Anthony Rua – ERA Brokers Consolidated

Leah Gianacopoulos – ERA One Source Realty

Steven Russell – Reliant Realty ERA Powered

Krista Gibson – ERA Integrity Real Estate

Nikki Segraves Wood – ERA American Real Estate

Jeff Good – ERA Brokers Consolidated

Heather Shea-Canaley – ERA Team VP Real Estate

Karen Goodell – ERA Team VP Real Estate

Gabriella Siciliano – HUNT Real Estate ERA

Monte Grandon – ERA Live Moore

Quincy Smith – ERA Matt Fischer Realtor

Alexander Gutierrez – ERA Brokers Consolidated

Chelsea Stewart – ERA Landmark Real Estate

Daniel Haney – ERA North Orange County Real Estate

Heather Stoll – ERA Davis & Linn

Lynn Harris – ERA American Suncoast

Dawn Theroux – ERA American Suncoast

Annelise Hedahl – ERA Lambros Real Estate

Chimeodo Uche – ERA Top Service Realty

Shaune Henry – HUNT Real Estate ERA

MerriLee Valentine – ERA Lambros Real Estate

Debbi Hester – ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate

Telicia Wade Perry – ERA Doty Real Estate

Andrea Holmes – ERA Donahoe Realty

Stephannie Wilson – Schuler Bauer Real Estate ERA Powered

Maureen Howe – ERA Key Realty Services

Michelle Winer – HUNT Real Estate ERA

Deborah Hughes – American Real Estate ERA Powered

Judy Winslow – HUNT Real Estate ERA

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