2024 Planning: 3 Ways Franchises Will Use SMS to Grow
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2024 Planning: 3 Ways Franchises Will Use SMS to Grow

2024 Planning: 3 Ways Franchises Will Use SMS to Grow

We talk to franchise owners and franchisors every day about their successes and struggles. These are the top three ways they’re seeing results through text messaging, that you can and should add into your 2024 plans.

1. Move appointment and service scheduling to SMS.

Emails aren’t seen in time, phone calls are missed, and this creates expensive headaches for you. Customers aren’t getting the services they need, you’re missing out on revenue, and employees are wasting costly time—all because of this breakdown in communications.

Instead of trying to set and confirm appointments by phone call or email, default to text. Messages will be seen and responded to much faster, ensuring everybody is where they need to be when they need to be there. That leads to you making more money with less effort.

2. Replace phone calls with individual and mass messages.

Employee check-ins, customer updates, scheduling confirmations, sales follow-ups—the list goes on. You’re making individual phone calls over and over again that go unanswered, when you could reach more people faster by sending a text.

Send individual messages as needed, or a mass text to everyone at once. You’ll be able to get as least twice as much done, and avoid hours of small talk every week.

3. Collect Google reviews and win new business.

Google reviews make you stand out in search results, so when people search for the services you offer, your business shows up at the top. Depending on search volume and where you’re starting, this can quite literally triple or quadruple your business almost overnight. But you need lots of reviews with a good-to-high rating.

If you’re taking care of customers—and we’d bet that you are—this shouldn’t be too hard to do. Just be intentional and ask.

After you complete a service for a customer, send them a text asking them to leave you a Google review. You’ll collect more reviews, climb the ranks in Google’s search results, and start winning the lion’s share of new business (with relatively little effort).

To learn more, visit textrequest.com—or contact us to help create your successful franchise texting strategy.

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Published: November 14th, 2023

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