Embrace Bite-Sized Clips: Short-form videos quickly connect with prospects
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Embrace Bite-Sized Clips: Short-form videos quickly connect with prospects

Embrace Bite-Sized Clips: Short-form videos quickly connect with prospects

Short-form videos are finally catching the attention of B2B sales professionals. Back in the old days (last year) many B2B marketers passed on the social media channels that specialize in bite-sized clips while consumer marketers blazed the trail to reach massive new audiences.

Now, marketers and sales pros in the franchise space, including franchisors reaching candidates and suppliers reaching franchisors, are finding these videos to be highly effective tools for connecting with their specific B2B audiences.

By incorporating short videos into your sales strategy, your brand can effectively engage potential candidates and clients. Here are a few reasons why quick videos are such a powerful tool for awareness, education, and conversion.

Quick, digestible information

Time is of the essence not only in your audience’s day, but also in their social media feed. You have less than two seconds to grab someone’s attention and less than 30 seconds to get your initial message across. Long text, links to articles, and long videos don’t offer the same easily digestible format for delivering your messages.

Visual appeal

When executed well, short-form videos can leverage the power of visuals to tell a compelling story. In B2B sales, complex offers or ideas often need simplified explanations. Videos can provide demonstrations, show the aspirational idea you’re trying to share, and make abstract concepts more tangible. The combination of visual plus audio enhances retention of information.

Emotional connection

Effective B2B sales often rely on building an emotional connection between the prospect and you. These short videos are not selling your franchise or brand as much as they’re selling you. It’s part of your <personal branding> for developing franchises.

Short videos can incorporate storytelling, testimonials, and real-life examples, all excellent vehicles for evoking emotions. You can build trust, inspire confidence, and alleviate concerns in a short video that will tap into the emotional aspect of decision-making.


Where are your prospects and candidates? They’re now on TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Placing these videos on all channels consistently will reach them where they are and at any hour of the day.

For the past few years, organic social media content has seen its reach drastically decrease. To engage many people with text, images, and links on legacy social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, and X, requires a significant ad spend. However, short-form videos are now being placed into the feeds of people far beyond your followers. This is especially true on TikTok as well as Reels on Instagram and Facebook and short videos on LinkedIn. It’s a resurgence of old-school organic reach and an alternative to paid social media ads.

Educational value

TikTok and the rest of the video-based apps got an early reputation of being full of junk, celebrity noise, and voyeuristic therapy. But much of the content, depending on the user’s own viewing habits and interests, can be helpful and informational. 

Short-form videos can serve as educational tools, guiding viewers through the particulars of what's being offered and answering common questions, like “What’s in it for me?” This saves time for you and your prospect.

Competitive advantage

Embracing short-form videos in your sales strategy demonstrates adaptability in the rapidly changing media landscape. Prospects may be more likely to engage with brands that are using innovative techniques to reach them.

Someone in your space is going to tap into this audience with short-form videos. Will it be you?

Jack Monson is the CEO of franchise development marketing agency Brand J and has been helping franchisors with digital marketing for 15 years. He is also the owner and host of Social Geek, the number one podcast is franchising. 

Published: January 22nd, 2024

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