Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue I, 2024: Chief Excitement Officer: Ryan Debin Encourages "smile-watt hours"
Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine: Chief Excitement Officer: Ryan Debin Encourages

Q1 | 2024

Chief Excitement Officer: Ryan Debin Encourages "smile-watt hours"

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Bryant Greene is Always Best Care Senior Services' largest and top revenue-producing franchisee.
Helen Bond
After retiring from medicine, Steve Leibsohn devoted '110%' to Wetzel's Pretzels.
Helen Bond
Karl Malchow worked his way up the Toppers Pizza chain and now owns five restaurants.
Helen Bond
With a healthy respect for top-line revenue, Pathik Patel encourages team members to say, "Yes," to guests.
Helen Bond
As a Spherion Staffing Services franchisee, Tom Pentenburg's passion is helping people grow in their careers.
Helen Bond
Multi-unit operator switched from Burger King to Salata Salad Kitchen because healthy eating his here to stay.
Helen Bond
American Family Care
In 2024, large multi-unit ownership and consolidation will continue to gain traction
Christina Niu
For the best results, selling your franchises requires serious forethought and planning.
Colleen McMillar
Franchisee Greg Thomas innovatively promotes Great Clips, distinguishing it from competitors with engaging experiences, NASCAR sponsorships, and unique promotions.
M. Scott Morris
Experienced multi-unit franchisees help you prepare for 2024's challenges and opportunities.
Kerry Pipes
When you provide awesome customer service, you will drive your business to great heights.
John Tschohl
The best time to consider your exit strategy is before you get into business. Too late? Then the time is now.
Barbara Nuss
By testing service aptitude, you can boost your employees' ability to serve customers.
John DiJulius
Companies can be sued for tipping violations even if the owners don't know they're breaking the law.
Mary Lou Atkins
Planning for the business and personal aspects of the transaction is key to a smooth sales process. 
Carty Davis
The disconnect between the country's financial mood and personal economic reality perplexes experts.
Carol M. Schleif
The IFA team will continue to protect, enhance, and promote the franchise business model in 2024.
Matthew Haller
Resale events with community organizations build goodwill while letting people sample the product.
M. Scott Morris
Sibling partnerships require a proactive commitment to both personal growth and business success.
Kendall Rawls
A methodical, data-driven approach is key for companies aiming to expand their franchise portfolios.
Paul Wilbur
Red Roof Inn
Red Roof Inn
Red Roof Inn

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