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Franchise Customer Experience Certification

Build Your Brand Better

Franchise Customer Experience CertificationFranchisee profitability is the fuel for systemwide growth.

Our research shows that profitability is most effectively improved as happy, promoter franchisees create happy, promoter consumers. Rinse and repeat.

Winning brands put the experience of their customers - consumers and franchisees - at the heart of their growth strategy.

Our research with leading franchised brands led to developing a model of processes demonstrated to drive higher franchisee profitability and faster unit growth. The Franchise Customer Experience Certification recognizes brands with 80%+ of these processes in use - and provides the resources to learn, coach and improve.

We're the Franchise Customer Experience Institute.

Our mission is to celebrate and support franchised brands that are driving franchisee profitability through an improved consumer and franchisee experience.

Let's Grow

Introducing a unique certification for franchised brands

  • Franchise Customer Experience CertificationWe objectively assess how a brand connects their customer experience (consumer and franchisee) with higher franchisee profitability
  • So that franchised brands can promote their achievement and get expert resources to grow faster by improving the customer experience

Profit from an Emotional Connection to your Brand

  • Customers are 52% more Valuable - Harvard Business Review's The New Science of Customer Emotions shows that emotionally connected customers are 52% more valuable than those who are just highly satisfied.
  • 2X Revenue Growth - A long-term study by McKinsey shows that over the past 6 years, brands with higher CX scores experience double the revenue growth of their peers.
  • Protect 6.7% of Revenue - Bad customer experiences lead directly to lost revenue. Research from Qualtrics in the 2023 Global Consumer Study demonstrated that globally, organizations risk 6.7% of their revenue, or $3.1 trillion, when they lose customers due to poor experiences.

Why Franchise Customer Experience Certification?

Happy Franchisees Create Happy Customers - and Vice Versa

Expectations for great brand experiences keep soaring. Consumers and Franchisees don't just want the right product or support at the right time -- they want to feel known, valued and emotionally connected to the brand.

That's why research like Salesforce's State of the Connected Customer report shows that that 91% of business buyers and 86% of consumers said the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.

We help franchise brands understand, improve and promote a consumer and franchisee experience that drives profitability.

How Does it Work?

  • Review - Objective assessment of 32 critical elements of a brand's consumer and franchisee customer experience practices along with benchmarking, action plan and consulting to drive improvement
  • Resources - Exclusive access to 100+ tools, guides and research specifically curated for franchised brands to build processes to deliver experiences for consumers and franchisees that drive growth
  • Recognition - A designation and support for promoting your Franchise CX Certification to consumers, prospective franchisees, investment partners and more

Let's Experience Together

We'd love to understand your goals and share how we can help your team learn, improve and promote a consumer and franchisee experience that drives profitability.

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